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It’s about that time …

I’m roughly two weeks away from taking off for Dubai, and my list of things to do before I go is still pretttty long.

But the important things are getting taken care of … like learning the first 60 or 70 songs, packing, saying my goodbyes, getting a universal adapter for my appliances … buying at least one pair of shades ;-)

Anyway! Possibly my last Canadian performance for the year was a short-notice duet with my father at a ceremony for a very close friend of the family. Dad and I sang “When We Were Kings,” a song we’ve been performing together for years now, and I think we were pretty darn good! ;-)

Shoutouts are also going to my mom, who has launched her awesome signature product, the Digital Dossier. What’s that, you ask? Picture a resume, an interview, an audition, and a headshot all packaged together. Pretty much anyone can use a custom-made Digital Dossier to sell themselves and I’m honoured to be the subject of the first demo, which you can view here, and I’d love to hear your feedback, and feel free to check out www.thedigitaldossier.com to find out how to get one of your own!

Also! A big thank you to Ess for approaching me about an interview for TOinitiative  you can scroll down on my Facebook fan page to see my feature, published at the end of October, and definitely look over the rest of their site too! Lots of helpful resources for entrepreneurs and business owners in and around Toronto.

Last but not least, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the lyric video for Pisces yet, please view and share and like and let me have your feedback. Much love ALWAYS!!!

Love and peace,