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Giving Thanks, Specifically

Canadian Thanksgiving was nearly two months ago and American Thanksgiving, immediately followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, is now behind us too. And although I’d started writing something about the downward spiral of offering apparent deals as part of a yearly tradition (maybe some other time), I’m still so happy from the great night I just had that I decided to let that spill over into this post instead.

Every night before going to bed I make myself list 16 things that were good about that day. Right now, since I can feel the upward swing of positive momentum (especially in contrast to a few bad weeks I had earlier this fall), I’m going to list and give thanks for 10 things that were great about just this past month. Not in order, they are . . .

1. Last night’s “Working the Scene in Colour” event was really wonderful, and I’d feel that way even if I didn’t get great feedback from several people on the short script of mine that was read aloud.

2. My next short film, a project which I wrote and am co-producing and co-starring in, is humming along right on schedule to be shot in December, and I just recently found a way to save us a chunk of money. Both good feelings, lol!

3. Yesterday I was able to snag some great finds and support local vendors at the One Of A Kind Show, and that segues nicely into the fact that . . .

4. I’m almost done Christmas and Kwanzaa shopping for others (and myself, let’s be honest)!

5. Last Thursday, a short film I was able to participate in aired on CBC, and you can still watch it here if your IP address is Canadian.

6. A commercial that I shot back in April is apparently still being aired somewhere, because this month I got another cheque. (The dream, lol…)

7. I’m back in acting class, and it feels great. Next year is going to show some lovely blooms because of work that’s been done throughout 2017.

8. This is related to #7 – I’m finding myself in the privileged situation of being able to encourage others and connect them to people, places, ideas, etc. which will help them achieve their dreams.

9. My day job has been much more satisfying lately, and (I’m including this as a November thing to be glad about even though it’s not 100% official yet) and sorta-promotion that I got earlier this year is a really-though promotion now =)

10. Someone who’s been in my life as a friendly acquaintance for the better part of a decade is becoming a dear friend of mine. One of the things that disappoints us all about growing up, having people get married and/or raise kids and have to shift their priorities, is that is feels as though we “lose” friends . . . but if you know where to look, you find them too.


That’s all for now – talk soon!!