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Curtain Up!

A month ago, I was basking in the afterglow of The Silent Goodbye.

A month from now, I’ll be reminiscing on Who You Callin Black Eh? and being grateful to have had great roles in live shows for back-to-back months.

A month after that . . . well, let’s be honest, I’ll be excited for Caribana, but maybe there will be a new booking to celebrate then!

For a more thorough overview of the awesomeness piling up in my life these days — especially this June — make sure you’re added to my email newsletter, because the July mailout is going to be one to remember. For the purposes of this blog post, though, I want to focus on the show that will be on stage just one week from today =)

Not going to lie – I’m very tired from rehearsals and tech, and the rest of this blog post just got deleted, so I’m going to bang these details out for you (again) as quickly as I can, but please reach out if you have any questions at all.

Who You Callin Black, Eh? is a searing comedy about a young woman trying to claim her identity as an individual amidst the smothering influences of her white mother, her black father, her mean-spirited high school peers, and the larger-than-life characters she meets when she moves from Atlantic Canada to Toronto. It’s written by Rita Shelton Deverell, who is one of my mentors, so I’d be excited to have anything at all to do with it — much more so to be playing the role of Our Heroine, and with my very own dear old Dad as our musician! We have 7 shows for you to choose from, so please let me know which one you’re coming to and I’ll look for you in the theatre =D

Factory Theatre (Studio), 125 Bathurst St (at Adelaide)

July 4th at 10:15pm, July 6th at 6:45pm, July 7th at 1:00pm, July 9th at 8:00pm, July 11th at 5:45pm (relaxed performance), July 12th at 4:15pm (relaxed performance), July 14th at 12:15pm.

Tickets are $11 each plus taxes/fees, I advise you to purchase ahead of time at 

Bye for now!


*topples into bed*