Closing out the best summer of my life . . .

. . . no exaggeration.

If we stretch the calendar definition of summer just a bit so that it starts on, like, May 21st =) mine included a dream proposal, wedding planning, future planning, the arrival of my unbelievably smart and cute godson, a diverse batch of gigs in which I was paid to sing and/or act and/or dance, my most recent short film debuting to “rapturous applause” in an Australian film festival, being chosen for the Reelworld Festival’s E20, seeing Hamilton as the highlight of a great weekend in Chicago, a wonderful family reunion on a beautiful secluded lake in eastern Ontario, a pretty great Caribana week, and some super-significant milestones for friends and family members.

So this next part will sound funny: I’m really hoping to slow down and not do as much over the fall and winter. Partially because the future planning and wedding planning is going to ramp up, and partially because it’s beginning to feel as though the more there is to celebrate, the harder it is to celebrate each thing adequately. If you have a month where one big-deal awesome thing happens, you can kind of bask in that thing for the entire month. And as deeply grateful as I am to have so much to celebrate in such a short amount of time, I want to make sure I don’t get to a point where I take any of these sorts of things for granted, you know? Plus, I have every reason to expect spring and summer 2020 to be even more full, and I’m not trying to be all run-down and sleep-deprived for that =D

My plan . . . as of right now, at least . . . is to spend a bit of time travelling and seeing family, and a lot of time doing things that it’s super-easy to put off (all the boring parts of adulting, like decluttering and having a garage sale and trying some new haircare stuff and expanding my cooking/baking repertoire and figuring out how to stay fit over the winter). This might mean my blogs and monthly newsletter updates are more boring for a few months, lol . . . sorry? . . . But I promise it’s temporary. And I suspect it’s necessary. I don’t think I’m anywhere near being tired of excitement yet, but I really want to make sure I’m at my best while living my best life.

One thought on “Closing out the best summer of my life . . .

  1. With every newsletter that I read I meet a new “you.” I enjoy reading them as I get to see you grow and I have front row seats for every victory and learning experience. Take it all in!!!